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L i n e U p 2 0 0 3 M A I N F L O O R - O N  D E C K S :

Goa Gil - India [info]

Ariane - India [info]

Rica - Brasil [info]

Stefan Ludley [info]

Cosmix [info]


El Zisco [info]

Sam@chaishop [info]

Fairy Anne

Z-Key [info]


High-Ko [info]


L i n e U p 2 0 0 3

M A I N F L O O R - L I V E  O N  S T A G E :

Cosmic Tone - Israel [info]

Element [info]

Haldolium [info]

Trancefeld [info]

Magnetrixx [info]

                 Special Live-performance by:

Sambodromo [info]

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Waktu Loopa [info]

Ma Faiza - India  [info]

Gabriel le Mar [Saafi Bros.]  [info]

Joseph Disco  [info]

Lukas Taido Velvet  [info]

Schlafcola & Marsroboter  [info]


L i n e U p 2 0 0 3

Mico Mikulicz (Geige) & Stefan X  [info]

Zom Nam Bul

                                         And more...

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updated 12.07.2003

Mainfloor - Artist info: G O A  G I L  &  A R I A N E
Gil grew up in the middle of the San Francisco music scene of the sixties; he then left to journey to India in 1969. Having been a musician all his life and then doing intense Yogic practices with Gurus in the Himalayas he tried to unite the two, (Music and Yoga), into One Spirit befitting this Age. The result was the Goa Full Moon parties, and his concept of „Redefining the Ancient Tribal Ritual for the 21st Century“. His focus is in trying to use the party situation as a medium to uplift the consciousness of the participants through the Trance Dance Experience.

He met Ariane in Goa in 1985. They have been together constantly ever since. Ariane’s keen interest in African Djembe drumming and West African Traditional Dance has also had a big influence on the development and direction of Gil’s musical tastes and concepts. Gil & Ariane’s current musical project is The Nommos, and their goal is to combine Psychedelic Trance with West African Traditional Drumming in the True Spirit of the Ancients. For info on releases by the Nommos, Gil & Ariane’s work with Kode IV, and Gil’s DJ Mix CD’s please visit the DISKOGRAPHY page.

Gil & Ariane continue to travel all over the planet to bring to the people The True Goa Spirit in the form of their marathon Trance Dance events.

You'll find more info at:

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Mainfloor - Artist info: R I C A  (Rave XXXperience-Brazil)
Rica is, nowadays, one of the most important names of the brazilian eletronic scene. His trajectory can be considered, at least, bombastic:In 1996 he organized the first rave XXXperience, now the most important and successful brazilian rave.

In 1997he made his first presentation as a Dj. Putting together his mixing technics with great musical taste and undeniable charism, Dj Rica has been driving people crazy in the places where he has been playing.

He went on trips around the world - Dj Rica improved his musical style and nowadays he plays a mix of psychedelic and progressive trance.

When he was coming back from his european tour, Rica introduced in the market his album "Rave XXXperience" by Trama records, wich is considered the best seller of the trance albums. Also, Rica has presented his sets at lots of cafes and bars in S„o Paulo. In these places he plays another musical style that mixes etnics rhythms with ambients ones…

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Mainfloor - Artist info: S T E F A N  L U D L E Y
Stefan Ludley was born 1969 in Frankfurt am Main. His mother infected him with the „technovirus“, when he was 6 Years old, with good, old Jean-Michelle Jarre Records like Equinox .

1983 he started djing in different Youthclubs. He collected sounds like skinny puppy, front 242, chris and cosey and of course acidhouse . In the early 90 er, when trance and techno where hosted in frankfurt in legendaery clubs like the omen and dorian gray, he was the pioneer of the psycedelic trance sound in the rhein-main area.

Since 1997, he was member and resident of the nada-brahma party community. He made his first remix with Substance T and played on differend trance festivals all over europe. In 1999 he founded the first Psycedelic Trance label hosted in Frankfurt am Main ( Psylofant Records ) toghether with germans famous femaile live act Lava 303.

His style is always different and depense a lot on the audience, he is playing for. He is allways prepaired to play a full-on psy set or fluffy morning sounds or what ever the pleople want to hear.

“ It's not me who is playing, it's the audience. I am just the key between them and the Universe…“

You'll find more info at:

www.psylofant.de   and www.theplayground.de
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Mainfloor - Artist info: E L  Z I S C O
Francisco Oyarce, born Chilenean, age 36, lives in Hamburg.

El Zisco himself describes his music as “Psy-Tech”: “I’m very much influenced by the English scene, as well as by many House-Techno DJs, which is audible within my kind of Trance.” His first production with “freier orbit” will be partly released with Freeform records, summer of 2003.

“I started what I do now five years ago, initially at small private parties and eventually at festivals such as Fusion or Berlin’s Hanfparade. My productions, however, have their own preceeding story: Like many people I know, I used to play in rock bands for which I also composed songs. One day I had the idea of using my Atari computer to make music. Initially being very experimental, I started to be interested in Trance and Techno music around 1993, without really knowing it myself. A couple of years later when I started visiting those parties, I realized what it was that I’d been looking for! This “realization” was a long process which is still my companion today.

Selected appearances:
Hanfparade Berlin, FUSION, Phonodrom HH, Tonwerk HH, Juice Club HH, Flora HH

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Mainfloor - Artist info: Z - K E Y
Frank, DJ Z-Key, Aquarius, born in Aurich (Ostfriesland).

I started making music at the age of fourteen, voice and guitar. In the 90s i played insome bands. In the winter of 2000 I came to the Goatrance scene andfell in love with this kind of music. After two years of party and dancing I started as a DJ. My first set I played on the Livaga-Trance in 2002 and so the story began.

Now the Berlin people know my name...

My style goes from Progressive to Full-On, but I also like to play Ambient, too. I like it tuneful. For the future, I wish that once I will send you on the trip, you always wished to be...

Love & Peace, DJ Z-Key

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Mainfloor - Artist info: H I G H - K O
Hello, im High-Ko, im living in Berlin and im 28 years old. Since my first Goa- Party i am full into this music. I collect psy-trance since '96. I started Dj-ing pretty late, first i was making world-wide decoration under the name Speyeders for a couple of years. Then I started organizing parties under the name Trancemosphere. I had the luck of having 2 cd players at home, so I had the chance to practice a lot. In the winter of 2000/01 i was playing in Thailand for 5 months in clubs and jungleparties. When I came back to germany then I started playing on many partys in germany too. Around the same time I started to produce my first tracks as well and further developed my skills as a producer. One of the first projects was together with Dj Shawnodese (Amsterdam) under the name Ganjahoppers, my own solo-project is named High-Ko.

The season after I went to Goa, were I met some very intresting people and i played a few times there around at local parties. I like to play full on Night sound, but its no problem to play in day time too, but it will be Psychedelic...

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Mainfloor - Artist info: C O S M I C  T O N E
Cosmic Tone is Roei Nissan - located up in the peaceful northern city Naharia (Israel).

Roei Nissan (24 yr's) was introduced to trance music in 1996, as a child he played the keyboard and the guitar and was surrounded by music through his life. During the end of 99 he set out on a trip in the far east for close to 3 years, he visited, lived, dj'ed and organized parties in Thailand, Laos (first ever full moon there), Goa and across India, Australia , Africa (eclipse 2001) etc...

Cosmic Tone in its original formation consisted of 2 partners who set together the sound and produced Cosmic tones debut release “Overwhelming”. Noga & Nissan were introduced to each other by a mutual friend and started adding elements to tracks they each composed independently.

While sitting and playing their live set to a good friend - Cosma (RIP), which was delighted with what he heard, he was asked to think of a name; he thought of - Electric Tone. Something Cosmic was missing, Cosmic Tone fit perfectly. Their interpretation of Cosmic tone is parallel to the way they describe their music: "spacey, emotional with uncompromising sound which is always explored deeper and deeper".

You'll find more info at:

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Mainfloor - Artist info: H A L D O L I U M
Haldolium are Mario Reinsch & Mark Lorenzen

The first contact we got with psy-trance was in 1993 when we met us by chance at a "psy-trance party" in northern germany. after two years of dancing, celebrating, collecting records and dj-ing we decided to produce our own music. mario allready played in classical rock bands bass and lead guitar. so the musical knowledge was given.

the first synthesizers we bought were two cs1x, korg ms20, doepfer 404, waldorf pulse. an old used atari with cracked cubase v2.1 got the part of the sequencer. that was in 1996.

in 1997 friends asked us if we want to play live at their party. our live set there consisted out of two seperate midi-systems with two sequencers which were synchonized. each system was completly indepent. all drums, percussions, basses were buildt by one of the cs1x's. additional the second midi-system played leads and extra drums. breaks and fills were made by muting the midi-parts on the sequencer. the quality of the set was not really good, but noone noticed.....
more gigs followed. fusion, goa-head, .....

You'll find more info at:

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